Fundraising Calendars

Create a personalised school calendar as a perfect fundraiser. Calendar features may include customising each calendar month to include your school’s individual requirements – class photographs/student art, educational material, calendar events and school logo. At Irish Diaries we design fundraising calendars to help promote your organisation.

Supply your image as a jpeg/tiff file or discuss your idea with a dedicated member of our team at 01-8414824.

Irish Diaries Calendars Design

Pricing Your Calendar

Establishing the right price for your calendar is essential. The price should cover all your costs, appeal to buyers and make a good turnover. At a minimum, you should double your costs – if your calendar costs €3 to produce, you should sell it for at least €6.

Our fundraising programme is guaranteed to be successful.

A dedicated member of our team is available at 01-8414824 to discuss calendar costs and ordering information.

Calendars Fundraising