Fundraising Cookbooks

At Irish Diaries we are conscious of the need for schools to continually raise funds. In order to help reduce costs, Irish Diaries offers high quality fund raising products that work.

Our fundraising Cookbooks may be filled with easy-to-follow recipes, which can be created by class students.

Usually word of mouth is often all it takes to sell the Cookbooks to family, friends and the wider community. This makes them a great vehicle to help raise funds.

Irish Diaries Cookbook Designs

Pricing Your Cookbook

Establishing the right price for your cookbook is essential. The price should cover all your costs, appeal to buyers and make a good turnover. At a minimum, you should double your costs – if your cookbook costs €5 to make, you should sell it for at least €10.

Our fundraising programme is guaranteed to be successful.

A dedicated member of our team is available at 01-8414824 to discuss cookbook costs and ordering information.

Irish Diaries Cookbook Cover Design